This blog is a collections of letters my children and I are writting to my husband about his most recent deployment. Please note that dates are being changed to follow OPSEC rules and keep my hero safe. Please feel free to write a note to him in the comments. When he has internet he will check in, when he does not I will print them out and send them to him.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

It is happening, it is really happening. I think with all the postponements I had kind of convinced myself it would not happen. But as I set here you are running around the house packing up last minute things. You are fixing last minute thing. I tell myself I am okay with this, that this is only going to be 3 months and I have done this a million times but the reality is I still hate it. I want you hear. I want to know someone is here to make sure I turn on the alarm and take my allergy medicine and someone to cook for. Someone to drive me to church on Sunday mornings. Someone to help with those math problems I cannot help Michael figure out. I love you dear. I love you in a way I can never express to you. I respect you, I respect that you get up every morning at 4:30 a.m. and go to work to support your family and your country. I do not know I guess I am rambling but since I cannot do what I want to be doing which is snuggling on the couch with you. I love you and I hope that you get to call us soon. I hope that your flights were good and you got some rest. I love you babe.

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