This blog is a collections of letters my children and I are writting to my husband about his most recent deployment. Please note that dates are being changed to follow OPSEC rules and keep my hero safe. Please feel free to write a note to him in the comments. When he has internet he will check in, when he does not I will print them out and send them to him.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dear Rob,
Good evening my love. We have had a great day. The man was here at 7:30 to power wash the house and clean the gutters. Michael tried to mow the grass but then said the lawn mower was smoking. I tried hard not to curse considering it is only a few months old.
I got all the laundry done and will fold it and put it away tomorow. We went to see Karate Kid today. It was really good. But honestly I kept thinking "I wonder what Will Smith thought every time his son got punched". The kids loved it. Grace even set a couple of rows down with the girls. I thought for sure when it got scarry she would come running to me but she did not.

I stopped at the movie store and rented the original Karate Kid for us to watch after church tomorow.
I love you babe and can not wait to talk to you soon.

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