This blog is a collections of letters my children and I are writting to my husband about his most recent deployment. Please note that dates are being changed to follow OPSEC rules and keep my hero safe. Please feel free to write a note to him in the comments. When he has internet he will check in, when he does not I will print them out and send them to him.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Dear Rob,
It cracks me up how when I am overly tired I forget to put the kids in bed. It is like I am foggy headed.
I am telling you I have got to kick myself in gear. We did nothing today. I mean we did our normal chores. I iced 40 cupcakes and delivered them.
I did spend about 2 hours in my bed loving on the girls and wrestling with them. I forget to take time to do that sometimes. I also read the first 29 pages of Diary of Ann Frank to the kids.
So I keep meaning to tell you what Hope told me yesterday. She wanted something and I said no. She then told me that if I did not give it to her she would tell you I kissed another man. I have no idea where she learned that from.
Faith has a big announcement. She has decided she is vegetarian. I made tacos for dinner and she had hers without meat. I asked her what she would do if I make sausage in the morning and she said “PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT MAKE SAUSAGE”. We will see how long she last.
Can you please tell me why I am so tired? I was up until after midnight but I slept until 6am. I honestly could not keep my eyes open all day. I asked Grace if I could take a nap and she said only if I told her where I keep my secret stash of candy. She cracked me up because she kept offering me the world if I told her my secret.
I love you babe. I am going to go get the kids in bed. I totally forgot it was Friday and thankfully so have the babies.

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