This blog is a collections of letters my children and I are writting to my husband about his most recent deployment. Please note that dates are being changed to follow OPSEC rules and keep my hero safe. Please feel free to write a note to him in the comments. When he has internet he will check in, when he does not I will print them out and send them to him.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dear Rob,
We are doing good. I miss you most when the house is quiet like this. Everyone is asleep. Faith might be awake. She is really struggling with sleeping downstairs. She wants to sleep on the couch but I think that is because I am awake. I told her I do not mind if she sleeps downstairs but I want her in the girls room. I used my new cake pans today. I was so tempted to make a 5 tier cake for Saturday which is almost as silly me making a 3 tier cake for 30 people. Can you guess what I am putting on the cake. I had extra cake dough so I made five of these gumball machines I saw on another blog. They came out super cute.
I will definitly make them again. Mama cat let me touch her babies today but please do not tell anyone. And SH! I brought one out from under the bed when she was in the livingroom. They are so cute. They still have not opened there eyes.

In case you need a laugh I will tell you what Hope told me.
"Mommy, when I grow up I want to look just like you" Sweet right, I thought so until she said "but with less flubber, as she squeezes my arm". I should really take that as a hint. I love you but am going to go sneak a peak of the kittens and go to bed early. I love you, Pam

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